SOURYA - Winterwind

Maxi 12" vinyle 300 exemplaires

A1. Deadwalker. A2. Skeleton./// B1. Winterwind. B2. Bubblepop. B3. Winterwind part 2.

PRECOMMANDE Link sent the 21th december for mp3 , Vinyl : 3 jan 2013 /// Vous recevez un lien le 21 decembre pour les MP3, le Vinyle le 3 janvier.

8,50 euros + 5 FREE MP3.

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In Sourya, laughing at fate is an essential skill.

Deadwalker is 3 minute and 25 seconds of grooving and robotic beats, an MBV bridge and a catchy melody sung by Sou's unique tone of voice. And it's greatness is the strange but co-dependant relationship between the song's joyful production and the lyric. Using codes of buddhism, Sourya draws a bizarre funeral, where fake tears and money appeal take the sadness of losing a loved one over. ''Deadwalker'' is a triumph of style over circumstance

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